Attendee Testimonials

"This event has become the single most important and focused digital production printer conference in the printing industry worldwide. There is no other event that encourages as much interaction and sharing of knowledge of production ink jet technology among equipment and supplies manufacturers and those have are interested in adopting the technology."

Marco Boer, Vice President of IT Strategies and Inkjet Summit Conference Chair

"After Impact made an inkjet purchase, and I was asked to reflect on the buying decision, I certainly felt the Inkjet Summit was a valuable part of the whole process. At the Summit, I not only got to hear from peers that had made a purchase, thinking about one (like me), or just starting the process, but I started relationships with individuals that continued well after the event. I connected many times after the Summit with people that became trusted advisors to my inkjet journey. The value in the community aspect of the event is hard to quantify, but it is real. I'd encourage anyone remotely thinking about inkjet to attend."

Pete Studer, Chief Operating Officer, Impact

"I have been in the industry for over 25 years now and this was one of the best printing events that I have ever attended. From Marco's opening keynote address, through all of the different seminars, case studies and breakout sessions I probably learned more over the three days at the Summit than I have in the two years that I have been working on my own research and due diligence on inkjet technology."

Jud Posner, Pressroom Manager, Church of Scientology, International

"The Inkjet Summit was one of the most informative and well run event that I have ever attended. The networking, information and structure was wonderful. I highly recommend it to any prospective future inkjet user."

John W Yurchak, President, Yurchak Printing, Inc.

"The model of the inkjet summit provides unparalleled education and vendor connection.  Truly helped solidify our direction and potential vendors."

Roger Chamberlain, Director - Print, Mail, Fulfillment, The Cincinnati Insurance Company

"I have never been to a conference that I felt was so interesting and relevant. Didn't want to miss a single session."

Adam LeFebvre, President, SPC

"A must attend summit for anyone getting involved in the ink jet business."

Darrin Wilen, President, Wilen Direct

"The summit was a great blend of organized purposeful interactions with partners and casual time to connect with industry peers; it's the combination of both perspectives that make the summit a valuable experience for non and new inkjet users."

Jake Bruhnding, Director of Business Development, Impact

"The Inkjet Summit provides excellent context relevant information to buy, and leverage the benefits of digital inkjet production. The networking opportunities alone are worth the time spent."

John Arndt, VP Operations Technologies, Fiserv Output Solutions

"The one on one sessions with vendors were quite valuable.  I met with companies that I normally would not have, but that expanded my knowledge base and it was time well spent."

Robert Mason, President & CEO, Intelligencer

"Great event. All the right players in one place. Fast paced and informative."

Blaker Barker, President & CEO, TSYS

"It was at the Inkjet Summit in April 2017 that I got my first real introduction many of the leading inkjet solutions providers. Hearing from users and having some in-depth conversations with the vendors started me on the path to an eventual acquisition and installation."

Kenneth B Chaletzky, President & CEO, Copy General

"The collection of knowledge available all in one place at the Inkjet Summit make it a must attend event for those considering or just beginning inkjet production."

Bob Kolva, Print and Bindery Operations, Action Mailers

"There is no industry conference which can provide the insight and networking opportunity better than the Inkjet Summit."

Rick Kegley, Senior VP, Harte Hanks

"I have been to numerous events as all my peers have. Each event provides something of value, if you focus and seek out the individuals and companies that best speak to your agenda. This event made it simple to find those people and companies. Well done and thank you for considering all of us with regard to time away from our businesses and the information we returned with."

Michele Brennan, Vice President, Business Devlopment, Bridgeport National Bindery

"Very focused and educational on the state of and opportunities in high speed inkjet.  Anyone looking at this technology should attend."

Bruce Carson, CEO, The Dot Group

"This was my first time attending Inkjet Summit.  It was an amazing experience.  I met experts from both the supplier and user side.  Everyone openly discussed challenges and personal solutions to them.  It was well organized, efficient and extremely beneficial.  If you need access to an unprecedented field of experts, mark your calendar for Inkjet Summit."

Brent Halverson, Production Plant Manager, Hal Leonard Corporation

"Inkjet Summit is an intimate environment for sharing ideas and strategy for the industry as a whole, for both Suppliers and Users, we don't get that anywhere else"

Peter Barzach, VP Operations, Data-Mail, Inc.

"After being in the print industry for 30+ years, it was an eye opening experience to discover how much I had to learn about the new inkjet technology."

Mickey Gulley, COO, Elanders USA

"I found the summit to be exponentially helpful. The speakers, case studies, and one on one interactions with fellow companies shed a new light on the investigative process for inkjet technology. I feel now we will be making a more informative decision in choosing the best fitted inkjet device for our company."

Amanda Bronowski, Print Center Manager UPMC

"This is a must attend event if you are looking to purchase an inkjet system.  You will find every contact you need to make an informed decision."

Barbara Martine, President, Datapage Inc.

"Everyone that attended the summit had one goal in mind, inkjet. No matter what stage you were in, discovery, planning or implementation, the best and brightest were here to educate. Each participate and sponsor brought unique and honest scenarios of their in-plant or business to every conversation, enabling participants to return home making educated decisions about inkjet."

Lisa Stelter, Director, Print and Mail Services, Sanford Health

"Everything about the summit was extremely informative! The case studies and testimonials made a huge difference for me."

David Gaines, Supervisor, BCBST

"Exceptional event from beginning to end.  Well organized, educational and informative. A 'must attend' for anyone considering production inkjet technology for their operation."

Stephen Amitrano, Director, Print & Mail Services, Rowan College at Burlington County

"Great opportunity to have 100% focus on inkjet opportunities and decisions."

Nate Milliken, Epsilon

"I found the Inkjet summit to be an extremely well-organized and intensely informative event that met all of my expectations for objective fact finding and open industry dialogue."

Lee Garvey, President & CEO, Click2Mail

"I had no idea how little I really knew about inkjet technology until attending. This was an outstanding event and I highly recommend attendance."

Steve Priesman; Manager, Omaha Public Schools Printing & Publications Services

"I thoroughly enjoyed attending the Inkjet Summit.  The event was exceptionally well organized.  The time I spent with suppliers and peers was both productive and energizing.  I recommend the Inkjet Summit for anyone using this technology, or seriously considering it."

Paul Braverman, COO, KP LLC

"I was on the fence about the Canon sheetfed machine. After the meeting, If Canon can provide me with a solid TCO we will move forward with the purchase."

Danny Kirkland, Director, HealthSouth Print Promotions Group

"Inkjet Summit is a great event to meet with industry peers and equipment manufacturers to learn about color inkjet. It provides attendees with real world experiences on how to evaluate and implement a full color inkjet solution."

Bob Arkema, Executive Vice President, Johnson & Quin, Inc.

"It is amazing how much you can learn from listening to the experiences of others. The format of Inkjet fosters informative interaction."

Bruce J Rashke, Chief Services Officer/Assoc. General Counsel, Great Lakes Educational Loan Services, Inc.

"It was the best event I have attended. I liked the fact that I had the chance to talk with any other companies to see what they are doing and where they are going with the technology."

Rusty Coolidge, President, Chromagraphics, Inc. 

"It's critical to understand where technology is going. This event has the leading edge suppliers and information."

Kurt Kroening, Director of Manufacturing, Meyers RMS

"This is an awesome event. To me the combination of Industry Analysts, peers, vendors and etc., combine to create an atmosphere where exchange of knowledge is paramount. I have not been to another event where competitors share information so freely."

Jeff Fraley, Owner, Southeast Mail Service

"Looking to get into color ink-jet and found the program very helpful in making my decision on both what and which direction to go."

Kevin Johnston, Business Unit Director, Ennis, Inc.

"One of the best industry functions I've ever attended. Overwhelming amount of excellent information presented. Almost like trying to drink from a firehose. Great event."

Brad Thompson, CEO, Inland Press

"I wondered if this would be a wasted week of my time, by time I left I was trying to figure out how long it would be before I would have to make this investment. Time well spent."

Paul Heffington, President, Allen Printing Company

"The event's format enables valuable networking with peers and suppliers. In three days, I was able to accomplish much more than at a regular trade show."

Orlando Fiallo, President, Printech, Inc.

"The Ink Jet Summit is unique in the breadth and depth of information available with regards to the IJ ecosystem. Not only did I have access to industry experts and peers regarding the Ink Jet systems themselves, I had access to the experts on the ancillary devices, systems and software that add value to the process. From the nuances of paper as the first color to leveraging Ink Jet output to interact with the IOT (Internet Of Things), from workflow enhancement methodologies to business development strategies, it can all be found at the IJ Summit. A word of warning though, while this event is strategically located at the beautiful Ponte Vedra Inn and Club, this event is by no means a vacation for those truly in search of actionable knowledge to build your business. I thoroughly enjoyed it and highly recommend it!"

Henry Perez, COO, FSSI

"The Inkjet Summit provided me an opportunity to obtain an overall understanding of ink jet technology. Since this is the new technology in our industry it was a must for me to learn more about it from supply availability, capabilities, opportunities, and the challenges that exist in this technology. The broad overview from process, paper, presses and finishing was tremendous. The opportunity to meet with the suppliers one on one to talk about specific applications to my company was invaluable. You cannot have that type of interaction at any other conference/trade show that I have attended."

Dale Park, President, Action Graphics, Inc.

"The Inkjet Summit event from inception to completion was exceptionally well executed - worth the time invested."

Larry Hurwitz, CEO & President, LPMG, LLC

"The Inkjet Summit is an ideal event to insure we stay abreast of technology evolution, meet new suppliers and to learn and share insight with our peers and market experts."

Don McKenzie, President, Innovairre

"The Inkjet Summit is an outstanding learning event. It provides the best opportunity to quickly learn a whole new level about inkjet printing, and you will learn more in two days than you ever thought was possible."

Rogers Meyers, Printing Manager, University of Michigan

"The Inkjet Summit is the absolute best place for anyone considering inkjet technology to come to a beautiful location and immerse yourself in a phenomenal educational experience. The networking opportunities, information and trends presented as well as the chances to speak directly to new and long-time inkjet users are invaluable. It's well worth the time if you are considering inkjet!"

Gretchen Renaud, Vice President of Operations, PrintMail Solutions

"The Inkjet Summit surpassed my expectations and I walked away with a wealth of knowledge. I don't know where else I could have gone to learn so much and meet so many people with the same goal of researching Inkjet opportunities. The level of expertise at the event was outstanding and the peer networking was invaluable, and will continue to provide resources as we move forward. The entire event was well planned and executed at a fabulous venue."

Karen Meyers  Business Manager, Printing Services  Michigan Farm Bureau

"The Inkjet Summit was one of the best conferences we've attended. The amount of information and extremely knowledgeable contacts we gathered was incredible."

John Carp, Vice President of Operations, Catamount Color

"This is one of the best conferences I have attended. The information was on point and the duration of each presentation was tight enough to not lose interest. It was very helpful to connect with other companies of similar markets and get a feel for how they are processing through all of the components of an inkjet digital purchase. It's nice to know we are not on an island, many others are trying to connect the same dots we are and there are a few that are difficult."

Carl Trisdale, Thomas-Shore Inc.

"This Summit was exactly what I needed to understand more the inkjet process and its implementation. It gave me great insight and ideas to implement in our workflow. Thank you again for the great job."

Franco Bernardi, Color Printing Manager, Bridge Publications

"This was a great opportunity to get equipment agnostic information about the pros & cons of various inkjet technologies & the proper applications of them."

Steve Johns, District Manager, Thomas Printworks

"This was my first Inkjet Summit and I attended not knowing what to expect.  I was interested in gaining knowledge of inkjet printing so that I could make informed decisions in my position at Mutual of Omaha.  The summit far exceeded my expectations because of the focus on education.  Industry experts, vendors and attendees were all committed to a learning experience.  I left with knowledge that was actionable, specific things that I am doing that will have a positive impact on our journey into inkjet printing."

Rick Elliott, Director - Corporate Support Services, Mutual of Omaha

"This was my first Inkjet Summit that I attended. It was the best run event that I have ever been to. Loved the networking that I was able to do as well as the information that I received was extremely valuable. Great job by all the event coordinators."

Andrew Hrywnak, President, Print Three

"This was the most informative conference I have attended in years. I arrived with limited knowledge of Inkjet technology, and left confident that I can now make educated decisions regarding future equipment purchases."

Ike Abolafia, CEO, Print Basics, Inc.

"This was time well spent to get a great overall view of ink jet technology and to hear first hand from peers that they are having similar experiences with ink jet."

Steve Henck, VP of Enterprise Implementation, OneTouchPoint 

"Two days and you get to meet and talk to just the companies you want to about IJ."

Bill Grogg, President, MCA NetPub

"Venue and accommodations are first class and the value of the content and peer interaction make the Summit a must to attend."

Jeff Davidson, VP, Modern Litho

"We as a business are finally realizing our competitive advantages now that we have IJW in the commercial print space. It's hard for commerical print sales to communicate to their customers without the "team sell" program we utilize. Our question to the industry is, we know how to use it but how does sales figure out how to sell it?"

Kirk Schlecker, VP of Operations, Heeter

"We used this event as a final way to sort out what equipment we wanted to purchase within the next 30 days.  It's really nice to have all of the experts in one place and so accessible."

Adam LeFebvre, President, SPC

"A year's worth of background research distilled into 3 days...priceless!"

Phil Manade, Dir-Data Svcs/Digital Imaging, Precision Dialogue Inc.

"The Inkjet Summit was the single best conference I've attended over my 20 plus years in the printing business. Very well organized, with thorough information provided and presented covering all aspects of inkjet printing and production. I sincerely appreciate the educational value provided during the Inkjet Summit!"

Mark Lundberg, President, Bayard Printing Group

"Inkjet is digital, and digital is disruptive.  The Inkjet Summit offered multiple opportunities to candidly discuss how this disruption can be solved through better relationships with vendors and current inkjet users."

Dave Fenske, VP, Fenske Media Corp

"I was impressed by the quantity and quality of the information available and how little time was wasted.  Non-stop value."

Ken Boone, President, Tidewater Direct

"Very professional conference. A lot of thought and organization had gone into this, to make it 'best in class!' well done!"


"By far the best conference I have ever attended.  The content, sharing of information and one on one's we exceptional.  I would love to attend again next year."

Jeff Fraley, Owner, Southeast Printing & Mailing Service

"The Inkjet Summit venue was perfect with the right mix a main and break-out sessions.  Not a minute was wasted and I value my time.  The opportunity to meet with peers from around the country, all facing similar issues, was at least as valuable as the formal presentations."

Ken Chaletzky, President & CEO, Copy General Corp.

"The opportunity to attend the Inkjet Summit provided me the exact kind of networking I needed to learn from both vendors and end users. By far it is the best event for someone to attend who is serious about making an informed decision about future equipment purchases."

Mike Chaplin, Business Development Manager, Colonial Press.

"The most relevant and informative printing event I've ever attended.  Hearing not only success stories from vendors, but also challenges experienced by peers was truly valuable information.  Connections made at the Inkjet Summit will be exceptional resources as we progress into this exciting, revolutionary technology."

Ted Mason, Partner, Still Creek Press Ltd.

"Very informative, conference format allows for an interactive exchange of information. A must attend for anyone considering or transitioning to inkjet."

Cam Simmons, Vice President of Production, Professional Office Services

"Simply the best and most valuable seminar I have attended by any industry."

Robert McDonald, Principle, EU Services

"Very functional conference format, highly effective, specifically informative use of time, more in 2 days than a week at Graph."

Bill Knepper, Chief Facilitator, Knepper Press

"The Inkjet Summit was the most organized and well-rounded learning event I have attended. It absolutely exceeded my expectations of what I anticipated learning. I would recommend it to anyone in the industry regardless of where they are in the inkjet transition process."

Roger Meyers, Printing Manager, University of Michigan

"The Inkjet Summit is by far the most valuable two days I have spent this year. From the education to the networking opportunities with vendors and users alike, the Summit exceeded my expectations!"

Gretchen Renaud, Vice President of Operations, PrintMail Solutions

"I found the IJ Summit to be educational and informative. This was a great opportunity to network, meet suppliers and learn about their products and services.  Great event and well planned.  I hope to get the opportunity to attend next year's IJ Summit."

John Warner, Director, Incepture

"Extremely valuable letting me know about workflow and current inkjet options."

Mike Lestage, Director, Print Services, Investorcom

"Very well organized and loved the breakout sessions!"

Paul Van Wie, President, Drummond Press

"If you're investigating a production inkjet printer, this event is an invaluable opportunity to have all the vendors, suppliers, thought leaders, consultants and other similar printers in one event for networking and sharing."

Chuck Werninger, Senior Manager, IT Administrative Services, Houston ISD

"The Inkjet Summit was extremely valuable in furthering my knowledge and understanding in the technology and its applications within the market."

Kelly Hogg, Director, Printing & Copying Services, University of Virginia

"I have been to many conferences/summits in my career and this one was the best of them all. The format really worked and not a lot of down time, it was all great. Very well done, hope I get invited back next year."

William Grogg, President, MCA NetPub, Inc.

"This was by far the best summit/conference I have ever attended related to work. The summit was 'laser focused' on inkjet technology and all of the supporting components to it. The speakers presented subjects and topics from different perspectives which gave each session a well-rounded view of the subject being discussed. I came into the summit a true novice and left with a better understanding and grip on inkjet technology. I just attended a meeting with a major supplier of inkjet equipment and based on the questions I was asking them they immediately recognized that I had a good grasp of the basics of inkjet. This allowed our discussions to be in-depth and substantive. That was all because of the Inkjet Summit. Thanks!"

Fahey "Dino" McCann, Director - Graphics Production & Variable Data, The Christian Broadcasting Network, Inc.

"This was an outstanding event. The key to me was the education about the overall end to end inkjet solution. The best event like this I've attended in 30+ years."

Thomas Rohrbach, Domain Architect, Progressive Insurance

"The Inkjet Summit provided a tremendously comprehensive platform for understanding, evaluating and becoming educated whether you're a current user of inkjet or considering making the "leap".  Invaluable information presented in a very open and inviting forum.  I give it my highest recommendation."

Jeff McMahon, VP of Operations, Walz Group

"The Inkjet Summit should be on the shortlist of events for any industry executive to attend - that can bring together thought leaders, innovative suppliers and curious communication service providers in a shared exploration of inkjet applications and solutions."

Brett Birky, Senior Vice President Operations, Urban Lending Solutions

"The Inkjet Summit provided the best opportunity I have to understand the current state of inkjet production and where the industry is headed. A very important part of this information is getting input from both users and vendors."

Jim Jackson, Business Development Manager, Quad Graphics

"I didn't know how much I didn't know.  My head is still spinning from everything I learned, but I'm certain the information will be invaluable as we evaluate ink jet options in the future."

Michael Wurst, CEO, Henry Wurst, Inc.

"Take the time to attend as there is no better event for the inkjet space."

Ralph Graves, Manager Mailing Services, TCS

"I just wanted to say thanks for a great event.  It was well-organized, informational, and enjoyable.  I was able to bring back lots of information for my leadership team to discuss as we continue our journey."

Pete Larson, President/CEO, Bethany Press International

"Information was well organized, relevant, communicated well, I enjoyed the experience and found it valuable and have recommended it. Good Job."  David Preis, Print on Demand Manager - Corporate, Quad Graphics

"The Inkjet Summit is what helped me really understand that inkjet wasn't as big a risk as I had heard it may be. Talking to peers at the Inkjet Summit was the thing that really sold me on it."  Mike Lincoln, State Printer, State of Colorado

"The Inkjet Summit Conference has become the must attend event for anyone who is considering a major investment in ink jet technologies in the future. The level of detail and discussions of practical digital solutions cannot be found in other industry trade show events".  Ray Hartman, VP Digital Print Services, TransCentra

"This is an excellent venue and scheduled event where you can learn, question, and gain experience with other professionals.  Saves multiple trips, and able to compile in a very short period of time a wide breadth of information.  Compressing the learning curve from months to days."   Dale Maloney, Senior Director, Marketing Communications, Fidelity Investments

"The Inkjet Summit is an unparalleled networking experience.  There isn't another event where you can meet such a wide variety of high upper management individuals and discuss important topics in such a vendor-neutral environment."  Rick Lindemann, Vice President, Total Printing Systems

"What a great mix of industry advisers, peers and vendor partners. As an owner of Ink Jet platforms I can say that the ability to get away and focus on optimizing this disruptive technology has been a great benefit to our organization."  Henry Perez, COO, FSSI

"An open, informative, non-competitive and participative event. The IJS saw vendors and existing users "open up" and provided excellent insight into the position of IJ printing solutions within the USA. The vendor and users presentations reinforced the fact that IJ users are still a small club in terms of overall print users.  The take away challenge to those not currently in the IJ club, was to further consider what and when (so as not to be left behind) to invest both in IJ technology, but also in multi-channel solutions to complement IJ output.  A thought provoking event, with excellent support from all involved."  Martyn Viquerat , Sales Director, Adare Ltd

"Found it to be a great format in general and it was quite useful.  Everyone involved with organizing the event was extremely helpful.  Great job!" Kathleen McCourt, Director of Business Development, Publishing, BR Printers

"I found the Inkjet Summit to be extremely valuable.  I came to the Summit with several specific agenda items.  Most of these items were addressed during the event."  Fred Van Alstyne, COO, Content Critical Solutions, Inc.

"With emerging technology comes limited standards. When each manufacture is still developing technologies and has different data handling, ink properties and drop delivery methods sharing information and working together is paramount to the success of us as individual's and as an industry."  Aart Knyff, Cathedral Corporation

"As this was my first Inkjet Summit, I was not sure what to expect. The event, the venue and the interaction with vendors and peers far surpassed my expectations. I would highly recommend the Inkjet Summit to anyone in the industry."  Mark Wilkes, VP Strategic Business Development, Venture Solutions

"I felt the Inkjet Summit brought together a burgeoning community that needs to work together to adopt the future of printing."  John Slaney, CTO, Content Critical Solutions, Inc.

"Inkjet Summit:  Learning, Sharing, Ideas and implementation!!!! Learn it all here." Diane Fischer, President, L & D Mail Masters, Inc.

"Not knowing what to expect from the Inkjet Summit, I was hoping to learn about the current status of the technology, where it was leading and how it applied to my company. Anytime one learns what can't be learned by oneself, there is great value. I found great value in attending the Inkjet Summit."  Hassan Igram, CEO, Cedar Graphics, Inc.

"The Inkjet Summit was the best networking event I have attended in the printing industry.  As inkjet continues to grow with more users adopting the technology the Inkjet Summit will provide a great mixture of actual users and sponsors to educate you to make the best-informed decisions for your business."  Martin Koebel, Production Manager, Pii

"I found the Inkjet Summit to be an outstanding source of networking, keeping up with new technology, getting the answers to questions from well versed people and discuss my list of questions that impact my business."   Larry Durso, Director of Digital Operations, DG 3

"It was good to get quality one on one time with key suppliers, and even better to hear direct feedback from industry peers who have equipment installed."  Nate Milliken, Vice President, Aspen Marketing Services, A Division of Epsilon

"The Ink Jet Summit is the event that I attend to get the latest in the direction the ink jet industry is headed.  I was able to hear the current offering of current suppliers, and the direction that they are headed.  It was great to also have a chance to meet others in the space and understand how we could work together to advance the technology."  Mark DeBoer, Darwill, Director of Customer Experience

"Very good event. Valuable in helping us plot our ink jet strategies going forward  - look forward to next years."  Bruce Price, President, Marathon Press

"I drove back to Tampa filled with newly found relationships, many questions answered, but most importantly, armed with more informed questions to ask! An excellent use of my time."  Ralph Graves, Manager, Mailing Services, Time Customer Service, Inc.

"The conference provided the opportunity to meet new peers and discuss opportunities."  Robert Radzis, SG360, Chief Customer Officer

"The event was intense, jam packed with ideas and information. I would recommend it to anyone interested in inkjet and new industry technology."  Paul Bauman, CFO, Cardinal Color Group

"It is difficult to find time to be away from the office but the Inkjet Summit packed so much value into a few days that I would not hesitate to attend again.  The one on one and small group exposure to the technology was extremely informative."  Chris Zarnosky, President, Data Services Division

"Injket Summit was a unique opportunity to hear about the latest trends, meet with leading vendors in the industry, and have meaningful conversations with Inkjet users about their experiences with products in the marketplace.  I enjoyed the experience and would recommend attending if you get the opportunity."  Dan Talbott, General Manager, Bridgestone Americas Inc.

"It's great for understanding the direction of technology and how it's being used.  It has helped me plan the direction of my company more and more.  Meeting peers and vendors is never a bad thing.  I appreciate you letting me attend.  Thank you."  Mike Seethaler, President, Raintree Graphics

I'm interested in attending, but how do I qualify for my invitation?

Please contact Lisa Jones at . Qualified executives will be confirmed and receive additional information regarding the Inkjet Summit.